RELAX & WORK - Making room for relaxation during Lockdown

01-04-2020 Product

Since everyone has been working from home because of pandemic, you sure must be getting bored, crazy and lazy. With ideas for creating peaceful and comfortable working spaces from a bedroom to an outdoor space, VAA has a most supporting and relaxing design dreams.

The world we live in is demanding a remote workforce. Remote workers cite flexible schedules, the ability to work from anywhere, no commute and the ability to spend more time with family as top benefits of working from home.  Not only have that, but the benefits of remote work gone unmatched. Below is the statistic.

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It is said that Average person Spend about 90,000 Hours working Life Time, So let’s feel blessed and positive that we have got these time to work on spending quality time with families.

With VAA bringing the most comfortable Product, here are few product which are must have while working from home.


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If you don’t have a office space at home then, Most of you must be working from your dinning spaces so what’s more relaxing than adding a relaxing chair pads to it.

- Seat / Back cushions are effective to improve blood circulation. You can sit on it without any tension of back pain.

- It helps you to better posture.

- You can give a new look for your old couch or chair by adding a Chair cushion. It enhances your house look.

- Seat cushions are available in a variety of colors.

Floor Cushion:

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When you need to sit on Floor what will be the best idea than great Floor cushion, it’s is something that helps you improve your posture by engaging muscles and encouraging hip flexibility. Sitting on supportive surfaces can be the help to increase core strength and flexibility. 

-This floor cushions are lightweight and small shape, you can easily carry them a number of places.

- Cotton Filling used in Floor Cushion which will genrate not genrate heat.

- They look beautiful in any room even in your Living rooms and Balcony.

- A perfect Movable furniture to get you solo time.

Bed with Comfy Pillows & Comforter:

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When it comes to working from home, there's nothing better than getting to work from the comfort of your own bed. VAA Comforter, pillow, and sheet set are the corner office of the bedroom workplace.

- Invest in  super comfy comforter you might feel good.

- A Soft Pillow to relax on.

- Cotton Bedsheet and Pillow cover to enhance your bedroom look. 

And here one more fun fact and you must be experiencing it too