Know us better

VAA Corporation is one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of Home textile products. We have pan India Presences. Our products are available in 300+ retail outlets all over India.

VAA Corporation, under Brand Name “VAA” offers distinctive furnishing concepts and designs for a superior living. We truly believe that, Your Home is a Reflection of yours and that is the reason we provide our customers with a dazzling range of Bedroom Linen, Table Linen, Cushion Covers, Curtains, Kitchen linen, Bathroom Textile, and a wide range of other home Textile Products.

Thought behind Core purpose

We at, VAA Corporation genuinely believes, it’s our responsibility that we should be determined and focussed on brining solutions to people’s needs.
Every individual is rushing, making extra efforts to live their dream life. A life where they will experience positivity and happiness in each day. Somehow doing this, a number of dreams are not achieved and that brings disappointments. At the beginning what they were aiming to achieve was happiness but somehow that is being ignored. In a day to day race, life has become quite routine and people have forgotten enjoying moments.
To bring positivity and happiness in life, VAA Corporation shall endlessly practise; understand what people need and what makes them happy. VAA Corporation shall do timely study and proactively bring pioneering thoughts that shall add value to life. Our optimistic thinking and eagerness will create a right mood in everything that we will do.
With our Core Purpose of “Bringing positivity and happiness in life”, we will contribute towards creating miraculous environment.

Core Values


We strongly believe in staying enthusiastic at every situation, our passion makes us go-getters.

Team Spirit

We surrender to ourselves the Me for the We to achieve wonderful things.


We are committed to Enhance our knowledge and share with everyone, that opens the world of possibilities.


We are determined to grow, in quality and capacity by applying our strengths in a positive way.


We are endlessly thrilled to spread happiness with our genuine actions.